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I'm sorry that its been so quiet lately. Personal stuff for me has been really hectic.  Also two of the admins have moved to new homes. Fahr is now in Scotland with her Thor. And I've moved from Kansas to Rhode Island to be with my sisters.  Hopefully that means more art for the both of us and cosplaying for Fahr.  

Also, if anyone has any ideas for contests or things you'd like to see happen, feel free to message the admins. I believe I'm the most active admin, however my status says invisible(cuz I'm hiding from someone).  Anywho, I hope everyone has a nice day! ^^
For those in this group that are Fahrlings, our wonderful Fahr has been ill.  She is on bed-rest and lots of meds.  She is slowly getting better.  I am going to make a folder called 'Get well Fahr'.  If you are interested in drawing or writing something for her then by all means do so.  (She loves Frostiron) Let's all support our friend in her time of need.

Loki, I will always love you by FahrSindram
Greetings mortals!  It is I, your king, the God of Mischief.  You know, being in this realm I have seen and sampled many morsels.  But there is one treat I love most, sweets!  However I have come across a kind of treat I don't like...sour.  

So my subjects, which do you prefer, sweet treats or sour treats?
Attention mortals, I have...distracted...your founder with a scantly-clad clone so that I might inquire your opinions.  I will do so once a Midgardian week for as long as I desire...

My mortal Thomas, which of his roles do you deem the best?

Your founder's should be....wait.....MOTHER OF JOTUNHEIM!  Fight back, you insufferable clone....not the kissey face......that is all for now.....unhand me woman....
This was written by Fahr and myself.

After we had some trouble with a group of black sheep Fahrlings going around bullying haters and people disagreed with me in my name, we came up with some rules (nope, these are not just guidelines XD savvy?! - *detect the irony XD*)

A true Fahrling helps those in need

A true Fahrling always encourages others in a positive way

A true Fahrling NEVER bullies, insults or hurts others (what ever the reasons might be!!! No anon-hating, no nothing. NOTHING! I am against it!)

A true Fahrling listens to Fahr when she specifically says NOT to do something hurtful

A true Fahrling doesn’t judge others by sexuality, race, gender, religion or age

A true Fahrling does not put Fahr above other Loki cosplayers (personal taste is nothing to argue about with others, everybody can like somebody else better - period)

A true Fahrling accepts that others may like other Loki cosplayers better
(because, see above, taste, reasons, what ever the reasons are. no need to try to change peoples minds)

A true Fahrling NEVER hurts other just because they don’t like Fahr
(see above!)

A true Fahrling NEVER claims that Fahr is the only true Loki
(above! XD and by the way LOKI is the only true Loki, or Tom, if we want to go into details there...or nobody and everybody is Loki. Just don't argue...freedom to everyone! )

A true Fahrling accepts that Fahr does more then just cosplay Loki
(Artwork for comics and books, writing, other cosplays etc)

A true Fahrling keeps their negative opinions about fanart of Fahr to themselves or at least does not insult the artist who did the artwork  (opinions can be voiced as constructive critique in a none-hurtful way)

RULES BY THE LOVELY: — sharraXtheXcubone

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